Environmental Solutions


Quality Policy

ISP is committed to provide their Customers with conformance along with qualitative waste management and environmental services. We appraise quality procedures and training of staff to incessantly improve the effectiveness of the management system.
1. Pledging to provide quality throughout, from Company Management to service provision.
2. Company pledge to maintain quality of employees, sub-contractors and suppliers working together.
3. Identify, meet and strive to exceed our customer’s expectations by the commitment, involvement and dedication of all employees.
4. Comply with the quality requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and other relevant regulations.

5. Achieve a fair rate of return on its owner’s investment and in doing so, provide employment security to its staff and subcontractors who support the company’s goals, quality policy and objectives.

Environment, Health & Safety Policy

At ISP achieving high performance throughout the business is our COMITMENT! Environmental legislation relatable to our endeavors is tiniest prerequisite but constitutes an integral to the policy which also defines our commitment towards safety & Health in our service supply chain.

1. Identify environment, health and safety risks and take practical measures to eradicate any possible hazard and implement effective system sustainably.

2. Unremittingly improve environment, health and safety performance of employees, vendors and any relevant service provider in the supply chain.

3. Indorse waste life cycle completion through recycling and recovery replacing it with non- sustainable resources.

4. Continuous development in Research & Development for practical application to create sustainability.